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Luca Bura Chiarini

model & Table tennis player

【Disability welfare department】

2022 First wheelchair model for Paris Fashion Week
2023 Establishment of the Adel Mamish Disability Welfare Fund 

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"Born August 12, 1980 Luca, like many other boys, grows up between friendships ,school and soccer in Solarolo, where he still resides with his parents.

Graduated from IP Persolino in Faenza ,after a few months he was hired by Agrisol S.C. in Bagnacavallo and still works there with manageable tasks for his disability.

Luca, about a year after Compulsory Lever Service has a car accident that makes him a severe quadriplegic and no longer independent, Luca is 21 years old.

His love for sports ends up in a drawer full of dust and fear and time, months and then years go by and apart from a few hours in the pool from time to time Luca devotes his time to work, getting his driver's license a second time, organizing concerts, running as president a small association in support of the disabled world organizing parties and then donating the proceeds. In short, she devotes her time to living by taking as an example the strength of so many boys or children she sees living their disability in a peaceful and purposeful way.

Then, at the age of 37, after already more than 15 years of quadriplegia on his shoulders, Luke begins a new and unexpected path in sports ,new and unexpected. A chance meeting with President Davide Scazzieri of the sports club Lo Sport è Vita is the perfect trigger to rekindle Luca's desire for sports.


And without thinking too much about it he ties the racket and away he goes, day by day, independently and supported by sponsors and Friends who allow him to cover the expenses of the material and the coach, Luca learns a new game that he really likes, the ball becomes a ball, but it is not important for Luca, it only matters to play as competitively as possible.

The valuable advice of President Scazzieri, and his first coach Andalò Vincenzo and permission to attend , at his own expense, the National Team.

The advice of the National Technical Director Alessandro Arcigli that Luca always tries to follow to the letter , the preparation of the playing wheelchair at the Eugenio Morelli hospital in Sondalo, where Luca during the last 4 years finds great professionals to help him in everything, the physical preparation at home first with Mr. Casini and today with Mr. Federico Pollino who besides being his coach is a great Friend and So he begins to meet opponents in National tournaments where he gets his first bronze medals.

He wins 2 regional golds, a National gold, and for 3 years in a row the bronze medal at the Italian Absolute Championships behind the two great champions Andrea Borgato and Federico Falco. So , at his own expense, and with the approval of the Technical Commissioner Alessandro Arcigli he entered three international tournaments.

In Lignano Sabbiadoro for the home tournament, in Spain and in Poland.

In Lignano and Poland with the team formed by Andrea, Federico and he is on the podium for two team bronzes.

An experience that stimulates Luca to do even more, the level of play is very high and Luca has to invent something.

During the Covid period he does not give up, he looks for solutions and not for alibis.

He trains alone with the robot his friends give him, hours of table services and weights to strengthen himself.

Covid gives up and Luca with Mr. Pollino resumes training consistently.

The National Team with the two great champions of his class 1 category , Federico Falco and Andrea Borgato , Italian silver and gold respectively, 6th and 9th in the world renking flew to Tokyo to play the 2020 Paralympics.

Luca's dream is to continue to grow on his own, to attend the national team and to sign up for as many international tournaments as possible, so he can compare himself with many different athletes and see where he can go. Dreaming of Paris 2024......"

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