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Carlo Bellotti Publishing is based in Florence (Italy) and specializes both in music production and music publishing with branches in different fields and markets like filmed entertainment, Education, B2B Communication and book publishing. The company has been consulting and providing services to national and international clients since 2000. Carlo Bellotti Publishing is a Facebook Trusted Media Partner and member of the Fair Digital Deals Declaration.

The company owns:

      • A wide music catalogue, consisting of more than 5000 songs registered by S.I.A.E. in Italy and administered worldwide by Warner Chappell Music Holland BV (part of the Warner Music Group)

      • A Los Angeles based office currently managing the whole american business

      • A Tokyo based office currently managing the whole japanese business

      • One Rock/Metal record label, with European (Florence), American (Los Angeles) and Japanese offices (Tokyo), worldwide distribution via Aural Music Group / The Orchard and more than 350 releases

      • One Indie Rock/Electronic record label based in Europe (Florence) , Japan (Tokyo) , Usa (Los Angeles) and distributed worldwide by The Orchard (Part of Sony Music)

      • An artist management worldwide know firm which includes a strong World-wide press office and promotion agency with more than 190.000 targets and contacts in media and entertainment.

      • Label/Artist representation office for negotiations in licensing and sync deals, collecting of royalties management and legal representation.

      • A creative department is dedicated to deliver A&R services direct and online

      • Merchandising company capable of producing, distributing and selling merchandise throughout Europe at the best prices and quality

      • Cd/DVD manufacturing plant in UK, Poland and Italy

      • School Of English in Ferrara – Italy with a business translation office for mass market clients

      •  3 Marketing Agencies based in Ferrara (Italy), Novi Sad (Serbia) and Beverly Hills (Usa)

      • Shares in a Milan based well known web agency

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