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Adel Mamish boots come in three types: short, medium, and long.
You can choose the fabric (obi), the number of holes, the heel (max. 6 cm) and other specifications.
We will also measure the shape and size of your feet.
Production of the boots takes approximately one and a half months.








The name of this boot is 寿(Kotobuki)

It means 【Things To Celebrate】and 【Longevity】

Adel Mamish does not mass produce and mass produce at all, so everything we make is a one-of-a-kind pair of boots.
These boots are made from kimono, a traditional Japanese costume.
We always make the most beautiful boots in the world.

Boot boxes are made to order according to size using traditional craft techniques.
The wood material is paulownia from Niigata, Japan.
They are made to withstand changes in humidity and air pressure.
They can be used not only as boot boxes but also as top quality storage furniture.

The most beautiful boots in the world that no one has ever seen.
These boots can only be worn by selected people.

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